What We Do

The steps in launching a brand are extensive and steep and we understand that!

Launching a brand or a new product in the market requires experts in every step of the process. We try to fit into your team with our expertise to work with you through all or any steps. Collaborating with Nuvae gives you the relief from going door to door for several logistics. With us being a part of your team gives you the opportunity to maintain contact with one person who looks after all or any of your chosen facets. From the birth of your baby to the time it is up and running, you’ll be holding our finger in your hands.


Our formulators work closely with your team to custom the products at the quantity and quality you demand. We have access to all the innovative raw materials, our experts are always deep in trends and technology of ingredients to make sure the formulations we provide you with are groundbreaking but ethical – we pledge never to test products on animals and provide you with a cruelty free statement.

Development &Design

At Nuvae, we help in developing an entire product range while adding innovation to the mix that helps you set your brand apart. With an in-house top-tier team of branding and design that assist you with their specialized knowledge in the field of packaging.

Component Sourcing

From Color to Skincare, with our teams working together to test and source different combinations or existing components or creating and designing custom units for all types of products, we have you covered! From your budget or style, glass or plastic, and airless or quintessential and all that comes in between. We keep in mind the competitive price while finding and creating the perfect product.

Manufacturing and Assembly

Working in our state-of-the-art facility, we ensure a complete audit to be able to maintain high quality standards. While, simultaneously, keeping in mind the cost effective possibilities.