Settex Spray

The baby of dry shampoo and setting spray. This textures and helps building more volume while refreshing your hair.

Hair Oil

This non-sticky hair oil helps in hydrating your hair from its roots. It’s perfect if you want to leave it in with its anti-frizz properties, its perfect for a sealed in look with a high-gloss finish and heat prevention properties.

Dry Shapmpoo

This dry shampoo is super absorbent, detoxifying and cleansing. With the use of rice starch it boosts volume of your hair and leaves it smelling amazing. The shampoo also prevents oil flow and flat hair.


This shampoo helps repair and replenish moisture into breakage prone strands. Helping your hair gain back its strength and shine.

Hair Serum

This product of versatility helps nourish the hair and fill in the gaps that your everyday styling, heating, and pollution take away from you. With a unique residue free formula this is a treatment in a bottle.

Anti Heat & Tangle Spray

This spray creates a therma-protective layer and moisturizes it to boost the natural shine. It’s vitamin infusion helps extend the life of every style. Preventing breakage caused by the heat!

Hair Gel

For the best piecey texture, this hair gel is the perfect go-to for the effortless look.