Make-up Remover

Oil free and alcohol free make up removing water that blinds make up and impurities. All this without drying your skin, and maintain skin’s moisture level.

Body Cleanser

This refreshing cleanser washes the skin gently without disrupting the natural skin moisture. In order for the skin to maintain its barrier, the unique formula gives a fully nourished baby soft skin.


A rich velvety fragrance that enlightens your mood instantly and lures all your colleagues and interests to you.

Body Oil

This age-defying treatment nourishes the skin off rich vitamins mineral and hydrating ingredients. The oil is silky enough to be used for therapy massages as well as for sore muscles.

Mouth Wash

For whole mouth cleanse, this freshening rinse will bring restoration of minerals, prevention of cavaties and kills bad breath.

Body Milk/Butter

Body Milk/Butter

From nourishing body butters to rich body lotions. Our range contains a formulation for every skin. With a spectrum of finely procured ingredients mixed with heavenly fragrances, these moisturizers will help get rid of scaly elbows to the stubborn sunburn marks.